Article II. Purpose

The purpose of the Black Student Alliance is to empower the underrepresented student community that is present at the University of Colorado at Boulder and to increase the education of Black students in that community.

Section I. Empowering the Underrepresented Student Community

Included in the purpose of the Black Student Alliance is to: continue to create and maintain cultural consciousness and identities, engage our responsibility to reflect upon and preserve underrepresented history at CU, to sustain the survival of community, to help achieve the destiny of students, expand upon institutions long established by the underrepresented community, including, but not limited to: social, political, educational, economic and spiritual structures.

Section II. Increase the Education of Black Students

Included in the purpose of Black Student Alliance is to: 
ensure all underrepresented students are fully represented in education by challenging university norms, ideals and established structures, promote a campus environment that is inclusive of learning for underrepresented students, provide, for some, immediate and future educational needs of its membership, etc.